Self Portrait June 2017

I mostly always take my portrait before getting a “haircut”, some people would call it a trim but I actually prefer the term “butchered”.The main reason I take my photo is that it might me my last time having long hair. I’ve actually been saying this since about 2014-15 when I first decided on pursuing a law enforcement career and like always, my plans aren’t going as planned.

Personally, I’m actually really tired of having long hair, its annoying and I’m getting to a point in my life where it’s not really helping me in any way possible. I will say this, before, having long hair gave me confidence, my self-esteem wasn’t really at an all-time high but then I’ve gotten into better shape and pushed myself to get out there and since then my self-esteem has risen. I don’t really want it that long, 3 inches maybe? But every time I go to the “barber” or with a “hair stylist” they butcher the living crap out of it. All I ask for is to cut 2 inches and leave my bangs to my eyebrows. Is that too much to ask for?

Anyways, I toke these photos June 7th, around 3 pm. Now I don’t normally like photographing around that time but it was cloudy since rain was in the forecast so plenty of diffused light.

Aperture 5.6 Shutter speed 3200 with an iso of 800.

I didn’t want to take a studio shot because I always do that and they always come out about the same, I also didn’t want to set everything up. So of course I stepped outside. What you’re seeing in the background is the door to my garage, straight metal, it pretty beefy. Like always I have the camera on a tripod (seen on my featured image), I was using the door to frame myself, something I learned during one of my photography classes at American River. My eyes are squinty not because I’m trying to look cool but the light was reflecting against my white house and blinding me.

My main objective when taking my portraits is photographing myself the way others see me. I don’t have baby soft skin, beautiful eyes, perfect hair so I would prefer if my portraits didn’t display that. I didn’t want to soften my skin, make myself skinnier, muscular or in anyway better looking than what I really am. I want you to see the real me.

On a side note, I do have some pretty nice teeth.


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