2017 ARC Exhibition

It was that time of the year again, American River College Student Competition. As always it crept up behind me so I was only ready to enter one photograph instead of 2-3 that I was planning.

The first time I entered the show my photograph didn’t win or even make it in (Photograph). The second time around I photographed a flower (Flower photograph) and it did make it into the show but the gallery director hung it up so high you could barely tell what it was. It bothered me quite a bit and asked if it can be moved and of course they didn’t. None of the artwork is supposed to be taken down before the show was over but I was going to grab mine anyways since people wouldn’t see it either way. The weekend came through and when the gallery was open again I had calm down and decided to leave it.

Doing so bad the first two times I had one goal and one goal only, dominate the show. Now just like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t know when the show was so of course, I didn’t dominate. However, I did receive the “2017 Photo Award”.

My photograph was 11×16 of a model I photographed a little while ago, I have always loved this photo and had no doubt it would make the show. I liked the photo so much I have continued to photograph portraits in this style. When the Student show at ARC is over I plan on entering the Crocker Art Museum Competition with this portrait and another with a similar style.


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