Sacramento Kings Interview

A few weeks ago while job hunting for a job in photography, I came across an opportunity as a production intern. The internship was with Sacramento’s NBA team, The Sacramento Kings. I was excited to apply as Im a big basketball fan but wasn’t getting my hopes up. As mentioned earlier, weeks had passed and I thought they had gone a different route, a couple days ago I received an email from them asking for an interview, I quickly replying and set a date.

The internship was with production and the main program that I would be using would be Adobe Premeire (video editing). Thinking on my feet and trying to impress them I quickly made a short Kings clip using online sources. I haven’t heard back from them yet and I’m not sure if I’m going to get the opportunity to work with them but as always I always learn something from an interview, even if I don’t plan on working with a company I only show up and delivery my best. Even though the video was made quickly and I’ll admit it has its flaws I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys and gals.

Vimeo: Kings 2016 Twisted Nerve


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