Start of product photography

I was on craigslist one day, technically I’m on there everyday, and noticed a job posting in search of a product photographer. I haven’t done much product photography but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Not having a product portfolio I decided that this was the best time to start.




Not sure what to do I decided to put my portrait photography knowledge to use, I went with a simple black background. Starting off with a wine bottle did have its difficulties because of its reflection but it wasn’t nothing I couldn’t handle. I didn’t get to far on my product portfolio but I was happy with the photos I managed to get.



Honestly I can’t remember if the Cola can came out the freezer wet or if I just stuck it in the sink but I like the effect. Personally I would be happy to one day photograph for the Coca Cola company, I mean c’mon, it’s one of the best drinks ever and it goes with everything; tacos, chips, cake, posole, in-n-out, more tacos and the list goes on.



Here’s the final result of the wine bottle. Besides the noticeable umbrellas on its sides I was pretty happy, I liked it so much I posted it on instagram(xblakout). Columbia Crest even commented on the photo, even though they only had around 1,500 followers it was still pretty cool.


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